Vicariate of St. Alphonse de Orozco – Argentina & Uruguay

Asociación Civil Gregorio Mendel
(Gregor Mendel Civil Association)

The Asociación Civil Gregorio Mendel actively promotes community projects of human promotion, education and assistance to the disadvantaged. It has two areas: the Servicio Social Agustiniano (SSA) in Punjab and Obra Social Agustiniana Calchaquí (OSAC) in the Valley Calchaquí and Salta.


Servicio Social Agustiniano
(Augustinian Social Service)

Servicio Social Agustiniano (SSA) was established in 2004 by the Order of St. Augustine and is a response to a specific need of families of Balvanera (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina) for a physical space for children to learn and play. Our ongoing challenge over the years is that children learn about other life choices different from those in which they live, they know they can move forward and change things through work, effort and creativity. We provide educational alternatives, leisure, sports and arts; we give them space and accompaniment through young professionals specialized in different disciplines. We perform high quality work, combining dedication and warmth toward the other.


The Journal of the Servicio Social Agustiniano can be found online at




Obra Social Agustiniana Calchaquí
(Augustinian Social Work of Calchaquí)

OSAC was born in 1990 by the Augustinians in the Valley Calchaquí. We are currently working in social action that coordinates the Prelature of Cafayate in the Valley Calchaquí and St. Teresa of Avila Parish in the city of Salta.