Vicariate of the Most Holy Name of Jesus – Brazil

Sociedade Instrução e Socorros
(Society of Instruction and Aid)


“To collaborate in developing the potential of children, adolescents and adults in vulnerable situations, with comprehensive training programs in the areas of social assistance, education and culture, sport and leisure, to have better quality of life and participate in the construction of common good.”


1 -) “Learning to Live Together”: Developing relations of friendship and solidarity
2) – “Learning to Know”: to learn, loving the truth and exercising attention, memory, thought and emotion.

3 -) “Learning to Do”: developing the ability to communicate, to work with others, to manage and resolve conflicts, knowledge and mastery.
4 -) “Learning to Be”: developing independent and critical thinking in order to decide by oneself how to act in different circumstances of life. This requires understanding the world and God.




Dona Chantal, Padre Mariano, and Santa Rita Centers in São Paulo serve between 100-330 children and youth at each of their programs.

Dona Chantal, inaugurated in 1998, offers diverse educational activities and educational tutoring, religious instruction, supplementary food, sports and recreation, health care, recreational activities for youth 7-13 years old at their Young People’s Area. The Vocational Center offers free professional technical courses, as well as supplementary feeding, monitoring civic-social, health care, and leisure for young people ages 14-17.

Padre Mariano, inaugurated in 1992, also has a Young People’s Area and Vocational Center, as well as an Early Childhood Center serving children from newborns to 5 year olds.

Santa Rita, inaugurated in 1985, offers similar services in an Early Childhood Education Center and Young People’s Space.

Santa Mónica, Crescendo e Aprendendo, São Miguel, Pingo da Alegria, Amigos de Agostinho in São Paulo serve over 100 children and adolescents at each of their Childhood Centers and Young People’s Areas.

PRODOC in Dois Córregos, São Paulo State

PRODOC, or “Human PROduction in DOis Córregos,” was founded in 1982. The program serves everyone from newborn babies to senior citizens, offering vocational courses, adult literacy and ethical, moral, and religious training. Services also include follow-up care with newborns, their mothers and their families. Industries at PRODOC include a clothing shop, embroidery industry, and a garden, whose produce is sold to the city’s population and used to feed the needy. PRODOC ministries pay special attention to seniors, arranging many meetings, lectures, dances, and recreational moments for them.