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Pennies For Heaven

Healthcare Outreach to the Poor: An Experiential Context for Human Rights Education





Our Third Heart Patient Waiting for Surgery





June, now about three years old, was born on Independence Day, June 12, 2010. He is the eldest child of a poor, young family from the Camotes Island Province of Cebu. Maricel his mother is a simple housewife. Jesus his father earns a modest living as a carpenter. Five months into Maricel’s pregnancy, June was found to have a very slow heartbeat.

Mary Grace and Jonabel – Best Friends






Mary Grace and Jonabel – best friends, both born with harelip and cleft palate.

Faith Galawa





Faith was three years old when we first saw her in Bohol. She was born with bilateral harelip and complete cleft palate.

Hans Belasio – Now with God

Hans Belasio was a beautiful, loving baby boy suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia.