Maryknoll Pilgrimage/Retreat to Central America 2019
El Salvador


Secretariat for Justice and Peace in Cebu, Philippines 2018


Secretariat for Justice and Peace in New York 2017

Nairobi Conference on Refugees and Migrants 2017
Conference Participants
Canadian Conference on Refugee Resettlement 2016 (Marylake, Toronto, Canada)

Rome Conference on Immigration 2016
The Religious and Migration in the 21st Century: Perspective, Response, and Challenges

Immigration Conference at the UN in New York (joint side event with Holy See Mission and Augustinians International; 2016)

Justice and Peace Conference of OSA Coordinators from Latin America (El Salvador, 2016)

Our United Nations Team with the Prior General:
Fr. Emeka Obiezu, Fr. Alejandro Moral Antón, Katty Toco, Favio Ramirez-Caminatti