AI Permanent Representative & Collaborators

Permanent Representative at the UN

Robert Dueweke, OSA 

See his biography and work at his website:





Jean Ponder Soto, PhD

Jean Ponder Soto is a native of El Paso. For over 30 years she has been involved in lay ministry, social justice work, and adult faith formation in the U.S., Mexico, and Europe. She received an M.A. in Philosophy from Boston College and a Ph.D. in Theology from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. She has taught at universities in California, Texas and New Mexico and is currently adjunct faculty at Santa Clara University, CA. Jean is the mother of four daughters, and the grandmother of 10 grandchildren.

Sr. Jana Anne Akan

Sr. Jana Anne Akan

Sr. Jana Anne is an Augustinian Sister with Sisters of St. Rita in Racine, WI. She has been involved with social justice work and lay ministries mostly in Los Angeles and Racine. Started her ministries through St. Vincent de Paul Society as an active member by serving the homeless. Later, got involved with prison ministry and ministered the youth at Central Juvenile Detention Center in Los Angeles. She has taught Religious Education in Los Angeles and Racine. Currently volunteers as communion/pastoral care minister and works as a Hospice Chaplain.



Favio  Ramirez-Caminatti






John Paul Szura, OSA

John Paul Szura, OSA (Canada)






Brian Dywer – Canada

Brian Dwyer (Canada Coordinator of the Augustinian Centre)






Emeka Obiezu, OSA

Emeka Obiezu, OSA (Africa Coordinator)







Youth Representatives

Anastassiya Perevezentseva

Anastassiya Perevezentseva  (Lehigh University)  (2016-2018)






Emma Dillon (Lehigh University) (2017-2018)




Bro. Jack Tierney, OSA


Jack Tierney, OSA (Catholic Theological Union, Chicago) (2017-2018 Internship)


Maria Elena del Collado

Maria Elena del Collado — Translations (English/Spanish) (Cuernavaca, Mexico)

Terry Kiragu – Kenya

Terry  Kiragu  (Kenya)  FaceBook manager