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Robert Dueweke, OSA, on the US/Mexico border - A Reflection

“Build the Wall! Even Heaven has a gate.” So reads a Texas bumper sticker proclaiming that the car owner favors building a huge wall along the entire US-Mexican border. Immigration is one of the most contentious issues worldwide. The massive movement of peoples is a global phenomenon. To date over 65 million people are on Read MoreRead More »

Welcome Keenan Overa from Lehigh University as AI Youth Rep

The world is a complex place, and information technology coupled with globalization is only increasing the meaning of this idea. Yet despite this, and all its shortcomings, Dwight D. Eisenhower remarked that the United Nations “represents man’s best organized hope to substitute the conference table for the battlefield”; and it this idea that gives purpose Read MoreRead More »

Welcome Emma Dillon from Lehigh University as AI Youth Rep

I’m in my junior year studying Political Science and Journalism at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA. I have a passion for global citizenship, gender equality, health, international peace, and the United Nation’s sustainable development goals. I love to travel and immerse myself into new cultures- one of my biggest dreams is to visit every Read MoreRead More »

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